The Safe and Bound Box
Arachnet Security System - Boat
Arachnet Security System - Jeep
Arachnet Security System - Truck bed
Arachnet Security System, Atwood Battlecord, Atwood paracord dispenser, WRAPTIE 130, WRAPTIE Gripper.

The Safe and Bound Box

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Leave your stuff unattended without worrying if it will be there when you get back. This giftbox features an armed security net for belongings carried in a pickup truck or trailer. It also features cords and tie-down straps to stabilize and secure valuables, belongings, or equipment while traveling.

Great for:

  • Work sites
  • Campsites
  • Boating
  • Parking lots
  • Personal property
  • Cross-country moves

What's inside:

  • ArachNet Security System. The system protects belongings carried in a pickup truck, boat, tent, kayak, ATV, or trailer. Fasten the net over the cargo, and place the remote-controlled black-widow sensor on top. The device detects tampering and sounds an alarm to attract attention and interrupt any attempted theft in progress.

  • Atwood Battlecord. 50 feet of low-stretch 2,650-pound tensile strength cord. Secures any big haul. Comparable in strength to wire cable but light and compact. Need to tow a car out of a ditch? Battlecord does the job.

  • Atwood paracord dispenser. Dispenses high-strength, tangle-free paracord from a spool. Features a built-in cutting blade, a belt clip, and an integrated ruler. Reloadable.

  • WRAPTIE 130. The fastest tie-down strap that packs in more functions and features than any other.

  • WRAPTIE Gripper. Slips easily onto any 1-inch or smaller cargo strap and adjusts to protect your tie-down straps against sharp edges.
Presentation: Giftboxes are assembled, packed, and shipped in a white box with lining paper that he’ll open like a present. Gift wrap the sealed box if you wish. For happiest results, do not disassemble the box.