Jeff and Josh

Founders and Chief Field Testers

Jeff and Josh – an eye doctor and an oilman, respectively – started Hook & Arrow for sportsmen and the people who love them.

Jeff is an avid hunter and fisherman whose wife, Dawn, dreaded gift-giving occasions. He either had everything related to his hobbies already, or he had such specific wants that he was impossible to buy for – unless she shopped from a wish list, which is no fun.

Jeff’s hunting and fishing buddy, Josh, has a proclivity for breaking things. Hook & Arrow evolved out of their mission to find innovative, indestructible gear. They knew they’d found superior stuff if it could withstand the rigors of Josh’s use. After field-testing hundreds of products, they got the idea to hand-select the best of the best for gift boxes so folks would have an easier time shopping for the proverbial man who has everything.

Jeff and Josh brought their daughters up hunting and fishing (Josh’s Hannah fishes competitively) and they know that women enjoy those activities. Hook & Arrow is for them, too. But as a giftbox purveyor, Hook & Arrow aims to help wives like Dawn who put a lot of thought into choosing gifts that are relevant to their hubby’s hobbies. Hook & Arrow is intended to make the gift giver’s and recipient’s lives easier and better.

For more on our origin story and mission, check out this Q&A with Jeff and Josh.