The Knife Skills Box
Ruike P108 knife, Smith's 2-stone sharpening kit, Heat-resistant silicone mat, Screwdriver set, Coon P.

The Knife Skills Box

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For a boy, getting his first pocket knife is a rite of passage. This giftbox offers a grown-up knife that is suitable for kids. It is easy to open, has two safety mechanisms so it won't accidentally close on young fingers, and is easy to sharpen. Also included are a sharpening stone with an angle guide to teach first-time users and oil to take care of the knife.

What's inside:

  • Ruike P108 knife. Crafted almost exclusively of stainless steel, this simple and elegant knife has a frame lock enhanced with a Beta Plus lock to prevent accidental closure.
  • Smith's 2-stone sharpening kit. This kit has a medium-grit stone to set the edge and a fine Arkansas stone to polish the edge to razor sharpness. Comes with honing solution to clean and protect the stones, and a sharpening-angle guide to help first-time users master the correct angle. 
  • Heat-resistant silicone mat. This mat is great for knife disassembly and repair. It has a non-slip, non-scratch surface with compartments for screws, springs, and other small parts. 
  • Screwdriver set. 56-bit professional tool driver kit has appropriately sized bits and sockets for knife repair. 
  • Coon P. Knife care oil helps prevent rust and corrosion. It's negatively charged to repel dust and dirt. Coon P oil originated from a fluid developed by NASA and used as a primary lubricant for the Crawler space shuttle transport vehicle. 
Presentation: Giftboxes are assembled, packed, and shipped in a white box with lining paper that he’ll open like a present. Gift wrap the sealed box if you wish. For happiest results, do not disassemble the box.