The Archer's Advantage Box
Smith's mechanical broadhead sharpening system, Hybridlight NAV headlamp, SubSafe, Atwood paracord, Cam Jam.

The Archer's Advantage Box

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Give your archer an edge with this giftbox.


  • The broadhead sharpening system keeps his broadheads razor sharp.
  • The headlamp's green-light mode allows him to get in and out of the stand undetected in the dark.
  • The SubSafe sound-proofs and scent-proofs his snacks and lunch in the stand.
What's inside:
  • Smith's mechanical broadhead sharpening system. This system contains all the tools needed to disassemble, sharpen, and reassemble a mechanical broadhead. Every step was taken during the design process to ensure safety when handling the broadhead’s razor-sharp blades. 
  • Hybridlight NAV headlamp. The NAV headlamp comes with both a headband and a hat clip. The head pivots 180 degrees so you can point the headlamp where you need it. Equipped with three bright LEDs (including a green light that animals cannot see) and a Switch Lock Mode to prevent the light from turning on in your bag. Provides five hours of light on one full charge and can be recharged via the micro USB port (cord included).
  • SubSafe. 6- or 12-inch (convertible) waterproof floating containers keep food (it was designed for sub sandwiches) or personal items from getting wet in or out of a cooler. BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Jeff says: This multi-use product is used in his backpack to keep his snacks organized, quite and scent free.  this is the direction of every archer.
  • Atwood paracord. 50 feet of versatile, all-purpose, 550-pound tensile strength cord, which archers use to pull backpacks and bows up to their stand. 
  • Cam Jam. Connects to paracord to pull heavy loads.
Presentation: Giftboxes are assembled, packed, and shipped in a white box with lining paper that he’ll open like a present. Gift wrap the sealed box if you wish. For happiest results, do not disassemble the box.