Hardcore Carnivore Box
Hybridlight NAV headlamp, Outdoor Edge WildLite field game processing set, MaggieBag Baggie Rack, XL Gorilla Grip cut-resistant gloves, EZ Gut, Monkey Wipes.

Hardcore Carnivore Box

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This giftbox is must-have for the man who cleans his own animals.

Pro tip: The boning knife does a fine job of cutting out backstraps and tenderloin without leaving meat behind.  

What's inside:

  • Hybridlight NAV headlamp. The NAV headlamp comes with both a headband and a hat clip. The head pivots 180 degrees so you can point the headlamp where you need it. Equipped with three bright LEDs (white, red, green) and a Switch Lock Mode to prevent the light from turning on in your bag. Provides five hours of light on one full charge and can be recharged via the micro USB port (cord included).
  • Outdoor Edge WildLite field game processing set. Knife set with lightweight, hard-side carrying case is perfect for field use and home processing. Complete 6-piece set includes a caping knife, gut-hook skinner, boning/filet knife, game cleaning gloves, and two-stage ceramic/carbide sharpener to maintain a razor edge at all times. Rubberized, blaze-orange handles offer high visibility and ensure a non-slip grip, even when wet. 
  • MaggieBag Baggie Rack. Clips food storage bags open and upright so you can bag your meat with ease. Features a nonslip base and adjustable height for large or small bags. Josh says: This is just a great gadget. My wife uses mine to prep freezer meals.
  • XL Gorilla Grip cut-resistant gloves. Slip- and cut-resistant gloves offer superior grip and dexterity when cleaning animals. Also great for handling tools, rope, or anything else that needs gripping—even when wet or in the rain.
  • EZ Gut. A sure way to ruin a hunting trip—not to mention the meat—is by nicking the wrong internal organs with a badly placed knife. The EZ Gut prevents such mishaps by slipping over the top of a sporting knife to control the blade depth and angle while making a cut. No more gut nicks or spilled bile.
  • Monkey Wipes. A godsend when soap and water aren't available. Individually packaged wipes remove dirt, grease, oil, grime, and gore from skin and surfaces. Jeff says: I keep these handy not only in my hunting bag but also in my toolbox, glove compartment, and desk drawers.
Presentation: Giftboxes are assembled, packed, and shipped in a white box with lining paper that he’ll open like a present. Gift wrap the sealed box if you wish. For happiest results, do not disassemble the box