GBC200 142g Ultralight Carbon Fiber BFS Baitcasting Fishing Reel Double Spool Fishing

GBC200 142g Ultralight Carbon Fiber BFS Baitcasting Fishing Reel Double Spool Fishing

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This is another awesome reel for crappie and pan fish.  Its a baitcaster  bait finesse that can cast 1/32 and heaver better than a spinning reel.


Handle:99% Carbon fiber left and right handle ,can be suitable for different demand for fishing.

2. Bearings: we fixed 6+1 ball bearings, provide the reel smoother when whirling around, and have a good function when fishing.

3. Brake systems: brake is Magnetic brake, and this reel has 5 standard magnetic disk , and 5 additional magnetic disk hole positions are reserved, which can be increased as needed.

Bolted Side Cover Lock

Compared with the ordinary side push-type lock, it is more safe and reliable, and the side cover is lost without mistakenly pressing the lock.

5. Shallow and Deep Spool: 
Designed according to ergonomic principles, stable and comfortable. It is suitable for all seasons and adapts to various position.

6. One way clutch system: 
which is anti reverse system, help fisher be easy to fish.

Aviation Aluminum Main Gear
: Compared to traditional copper gears, Aviation aluminum gears are harder, more durable, corrosion resistant and reduce the reel weight. With specially tailored high friction rubber brake pads, the brake force can be up to 5kg, suitable for freshwater saltwater.


1. Drag Power: 5KG / 11.02LB

2. Gear Ratio: 6.5:1

3. Ball Bearings: 6+1

4. CNC Carbon handle Serie Weight:


Soft Wooden Handle Serie:156g

5. Line Capacity (Shallow Spool) : 0.20mm/120m 0.25mm/77m 0.30mm/53m

6. Line Capacity (Deep Spool) : 0.20mm/230m 0.25mm/145m 0.30mm/100m

7. Brake System: Magnetic Brake 

8. Packing: Box Package