Bait Finesse Fishing  Box
Bait Finesse Fishing  Box
Bait Finesse Fishing  Box
Bait Finesse Fishing  Box

Bait Finesse Fishing Box

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Jeff and Josh put these  Bait Finesse Boxes together for a perfect outing to catch fish. There are four types of color boxes.  You cannot go wrong with anyone.  They are hand picked for all types of fish and colors for all types of water and weather conditions.  Pick one for yourself or for someone else and enjoy the adventure.

  These Baits performs when it matters most - whether that be an ice fishing outing in Northern Minnesota, chasing Trout on the New England streams, or catching the winning fish in a Texan Crappie fishing tournament. Made out of a high end plastic and infused with a pheromone based scent you will quickly notice the advantages of those amazing ultra light soft plastic lures.

Box 1 

Metacraw  2.4  black and blue

Anisoptera Black

B-vibe sexy shad

Eurotube Fire tiger

Meta craw 1.8 Green Pumpkin

Mummy worm Yellow

Box 2

Metacraw  2.4  okeechobee

Anisoptera  pink

B-vibe white

Eurotube Fire tiger

Grub Gold

Mummy worm Pink

Box 3

Metacraw  2.4  Bama Craw

Grub Chartreuse

B-vibe sexy shad

Eurotube Green Pumpkin

Meta craw 1.8 Blue gill Pro

Mummy worm Natural 

box 4

Metacraw  2.4  Green Pumpkin

grub super glow

B-vibe sexy shad

Eurotube Chartreuse 

Meta craw 1.8 Bluegill Pro

Mummy worm Chartreuse