Tackle Anything box
Cuda Tackle Center, Smith's 4-inch RegalRiver Baitbreaker knife, Cuda micro scissors, Cuda mini snips, Cuda 9-inch Pistol Grip Pliers, Cuda 7-inch filet knife, Cuda 9-inch offset serrated knife.

Tackle Anything box

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Serious fishermen know that being well-equipped and well-organized is essential for fishing success. This giftbox features the Cuda Tackle Center tool containment center along with an assortment of must-have tools. For fishermen who put thought into the task at hand⁠—whether catching or cleaning⁠—and always reach for the right tool for the job. Featuring Cuda brand products, used by professional fishermen.  

  • Cuda Tackle Center. This tool containment system offers a convenient place to store Cuda tools. It fits securely into most cup holders, and the turning ring at the base locks it into place. Containment rods inside the tackle center hug the tools and keep them from shifting. Fits multiple tools and knives of various sizes. The net cover connects in four places to keep tools in place. An excellent choice for kayaks where space and mobility are limited. 
  • Smith's 4-inch RegalRiver Baitbreaker knife. This bait knife boasts a fine cutting edge, a serrated spine for scaling and cutting bone, a gut hook, and a line cutter. 
  • Cuda micro scissors. Designed to cut mono and braided line. Features titanium-bonded blades with dual micro serrations. Nice, big finger holes and grippy handles—great for wet or slimy hands.
  • Cuda mini snips. Features titanium-bonded blades that are three times harder than untreated stainless steel. Has an internal spring system and a micro-serrated edge for increased cutting performance. Cuts braided, mono, and fluorocarbon fishing lines.
  • Cuda 9-inch Pistol Grip Pliers. Titanium-bonded, stainless steel pliers feature an integrated crimper and a long nose for removing hooks. 
  • Cuda 7-inch filet knife. A great choice for all-purpose fileting. Features a full-tang titanium-bonded stainless steel blade with an oversize backbone for durability.
  • Cuda 9-inch offset serrated knife. Provides extra leverage and increased cutting performance on flat surfaces. Full-tang construction and an oversize backbone for durability.
Presentation: Giftbox is assembled, packed, and shipped in a white box with lining paper that he’ll open like a present. Gift wrap the sealed box if you wish. For happiest results, do not disassemble.