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 Open a pack and take a bite out of these flavorful Jerky From brisket Meat. Love is in the air! Make sure it’s also in the gift you give your man crush. We make it easy to show the love with unique, carefully curated Valentine’s Day gifts for him

  • Carne Asada (w/Cilantro) Brisket Beef Jerky Love the taste of Latin-American dishes? Wrap some of this jerky in a tortilla and grab a Corona... life is sweet! This premium jerky features a unique blend of flavors made from choice ingredients. It has fresh cilantro and lime to give it an authentic Latin-American touch. People who love to explore new flavors will love this Hispanic-inspired snack and find an original BEST jerky. This protein-packed, tasty treat is perfect for movie marathons, outings, extended trips, and late-night snacks. Craving some beef jerky? Open a pack and take a bite out of these flavorful jerky's!
  • Korean Barbecue Beef Jerky Savor the taste of Koreas popular dish. Korean BBQ beef jerky is SO good! This beef jerky showcases the use of Korean barbecue sauce as a main ingredient and we blend it with other spices to create it according to our unique recipe.

  • Sea Salt, Honey, and Pepper Brisket Beef Jerky Undoubtedly one of the top three flavors. Check out this multi-flavored brisket beef jerky. It packs an extra kick to its blend and taste. The special jerky's lean meat is sourced from high-quality,  It is seasoned with freshly cracked peppercorns, sea salt, spices, and sweet honey. It has a touch of our old fashion recipe, giving it a new light; a multitude of flavors that will charm your tastes.

  • Original Snack Stick Experience our Original FireCreek Stix that started it all.  They are made with the highest quality American beef & pork and slow smoked to get the perfect smokehouse aroma and flavor. 
  • Kicker Snack Stick Experience the spicy hickory smoked kick of the FireCreek Kicker Sticks. If you want a beef jerky stick that actually tasted like MEAT, this is the snack for you!
  • Damn Man Sea Salt Honey Almonds Sweet and Savory has always been the perfect combination, trust me, you don't want to shy away from this one. Our Honey Sea Salt Almonds give you the perfect contrast of the traditional sea salted almonds that you crave but with the addition of the sweet honey, your taste buds will be thrown for a delicious loop. Forget about the old dated snacks of the past and enjoy the experience of the manliest snack on the market.
  • Big Game Brisket Sunflower Seeds This savory and mouth watering seed is an amazing blend of light kick, slightly smoked, and lots of flavor. Reminds you of a juicy steak or brisket rub.