The Man Against Nature Box
Camillus Line of Sight loppers, Camillus Line of Sight bypass pruner, Camillus Line of Sight tree saw, Camillus Line of Sight folding branch saw, Camillus Carnivore Maxx machete, XL Gorilla Grip gloves.

The Man Against Nature Box

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These tools are a must-have for avid hunters. They’re used to clear areas around hunting stands and blinds, and to keep shooting lanes and four-wheeler trails open. Features reliable Camillus brand tools, which are used by professional hunters, Green Berets, Special Forces, adventurers, and Les Shroud a.k.a. “Survivorman.”

What’s inside:

  • Camillus Line of Sight loppers. Pack-size loppers that are built to last. The feature our field testers love most—besides ruggedness and sharpness—is that the camo handles extend from 19 inches to 24 inches for more leverage and for convenient packing when not in use.   
  • Camillus Line of Sight bypass pruner. Features expanding handles and titanium nonstick blades that are surface-treated for enhanced edge retention and corrosion resistance. Three times stronger than untreated steel.
  • Camillus Line of Sight tree saw. This saw can be threaded into any standard pole or handle for added reach. Boasts a 14-inch titanium nonstick saw blade that cuts on both the push and pull action.
  • Camillus Line of Sight folding branch saw. A dual locking mechanism keeps the 15.25-inch blade locked down and in place when in a backpack or otherwise not in use.  
  • Camillus Carnivore Maxx machete. Sharp blade makes short work out of cutting brush and thickets.
  • XL Gorilla Grip gloves. Feature patented never-slip technology. Engineered for superior dexterity and breathability while allowing for maximum grip. Designed with a polymer palm that pushes grease and fluids away from the center of the glove to enhance the grip. A must-have for safety and comfort when handling tools, rope, or anything else that needs gripping—even in the rain.

Presentation: Giftbox is assembled, packed, and shipped in a box with lining paper that he’ll open like a present. Gift wrap the sealed box if you wish. For happiest results, do not disassemble.