Filet Yo' Fish
Cuda 6-piece knife and sharpener set, Cuda descaler, Cuda skin gripper, Fillet Away fish mat, Camo dry bags (pair), XL Gorilla Grip gloves, MaggieBag Baggie Rack.

Filet Yo' Fish

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Containing the most efficient filet tools including a complete knife set with sharpener, this box was designed for cleaning all types of fish and then bagging them to freeze. A special filet mat keeps those slippery little suckers from sliding around. Features Cuda brand products, used by professional fishermen.

What’s inside:

  • Cuda 6-piece knife and sharpener set. 9-inch serrated knife, 2.5-inch bait knife, 6-inch filet knife, 6-inch curved boning knife, knife sharpener, and heavy-duty storage case.
  • Cuda descaler. Keeps scales contained so they don’t go all over the place. Offers good grip with a thumb groove.
  • Cuda skin gripper. Secures filets while using a knife to remove skin. This tool is far superior to board-and-clamp cleaning boards.
  • Fillet Away fish mat. No more slip-sliding fish on your filet station, countertop, cooler, tailgate, or wherever you clean fish. This mat grips fish and won’t slip on any surface. While processing fish, all the excess drains through the pegged working surface. Dishwasher-safe mat doesn’t absorb smells or oils.
  • Camo dry bags (pair). Use one to hold fish filets so they don’t contaminate the ice and other items in your cooler. Use another to hold uncontaminated ice so you can keep refreshing your RTIC tumbler.
  • XL Gorilla Grip gloves. Slip- and cut-resistant gloves offer superior grip and dexterity when cleaning fish. Also great for handling tools, rope, or anything else that needs gripping—even when wet or in the rain.
  • MaggieBag Baggie Rack. Clips food storage bags open and upright so you can bag your filets with ease. Features a nonslip base and adjustable height for large or small bags. Josh says: This is just a great gadget. My wife uses mine to prep freezer meals.

Presentation: Giftbox is assembled, packed, and shipped in a box with lining paper that he’ll open like a present. Gift wrap the sealed box if you wish. For best results, do not disassemble.

Box size: 20x14x3